Glo Deep Repair Oil Roll On Bottle

Whether you're looking for a Retinol alternative, softening sun damaged skin or in need of Deep Repair, we've got you covered here. The combination of wound healing and reparative ingredients in this formula is multi faceted and powerfully effective. Deep Repair is designed to truly heal skin that has been overly exposed to the elements, suffers from eczema, acne or scarring and deep lines. I originally formulated this product for my husband to repair and rebuild his damaged skin due to a topical chemo treatment (he was given this topical cream to nip actinic keratosis in the bud). This aggressive treatment left his skin raw and scabbed over. Fortuitously, I had been researching (for months) several ingredients specifically designed to heal soft tissue. After having researched so many incredible ingredients, I knew I had to formulate a product that would help my husband and countless others experience deep repair. 

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