Hydrating Body Cream

This delicious blend of Fig, Red Mandarin, and Cocoa Seed teams up with Cannabis Sativa to create a supercharged moisturizer that feels like sunshine in a jar. The bright cheerful color taps into sacral chakra, aligning with feelings of pleasure and bliss.

How to Use:
Apply generously as often as desired.

What It Does/Benefits:
Heals, Softens and Soothes the Skin. Coconut Seed and Apricot Kernel Oils provide excellent restorative properties with essential fatty acids. Cannabidiol nourishes and heals with Vitamin A, E and D. Fig Extract locks in moisture and soothes sensitive skin.

Key Ingredients:
From the Garden of Eden to the Tree of Awakening, the sacred fig has symbolized physical, spiritual, and emotional growth for centuries. Here, it encourages the growth of healthy cells to balance and soothe the skin.

The bright cheerfulness of the Red Mandarin taps into the sacral chakra to bring about a sense of joy while the grounding Cocoa Seed sinks into the skin to form a protective barrier, both physically and energetically.

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