Lip Love

Meet your new lip love!

After numerous requests, I am proud to introduce a beautiful lip balm made from responsibly sourced bees wax from our very own hives. We harvested honey and returned the honey saturated wax back to the bees for nourishment. The colony ate the honey and left the unwanted dry wax for us to include in this incredibly healing lip balm. My Peruvian source was able to provide us with freshly harvested buriti, copaiba and bakuchiol oils to amp up the protective betacarotene and reparative qualities. Hyalauronic acid is a naturally protective substance found in the eyes, joints and skin. This ingredient helps retain moisture and promote rapid wound healing. Horsetail extract was also included to soothe and heal dry, sunburned lips.  This nourishing and protective balm was researched, formulated and batched with sensitive skin types in mind. The scent? Mildly sweet, merely reflecting each natural ingredient with no extra fluff.

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