Ursa Major

Making Moves Milky Cleanser

A soothing milky cleanser that refreshes skin, and leaves nothing behind. This nourishing daily rinse offers enough hydration for even the driest skin types, with an enzyme-powered renewing effect. Say hello to soft, comfortably clean skin.

Why It’s Special

The un-cream cleanser

We wanted our cream cleanser to be different: light, silky, and easy-rinsing, without any greasiness. This delicate milky liquid cleanses thoroughly and rinses effortlessly, for comfortable, renewed skin.

Hydrates with every wash

Dry skin types, look no further. This is our most hydrating cleanser, with natural ingredients like Marshmallow Root, which help skin retain moisture for soft, supple skin.

Gently renewing

Enzymes from Mucor Miehei Extract break down dead skin cells to effectively exfoliate without any harsh astringents or physical scrubbing. It’s the satisfying exfoliation you crave, just gentler.

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